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Nass Al Iraq Holding
NASS AL IRAQ HOLDING started operations in 2007, NASS AL-IRAQ holding is a conglomerate of subsidiaries that establish and empower business strategies via Innovation, modern..
Government Agency
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Counter Terrorism Services
counter-terrorism operations in Iraq The Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISF) were created by the multinational forces under the command of the United States of America in November...
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ARSENAL JSCo. - Kazanlak is a distinguished multi-functional infra-structural Company with leading positions in the National Economics and with great experience in design, manufacturing, engineering a
Government Agency
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Iraq Cyber Events Response
A joint national team specialized in the field of cyber security, responding to cyber incidents, protecting the Internet infrastructure, and spreading awareness in the field of privacy protection and
Participating Company
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Al Salam State Company
The company aims to contribute to the support of the national economy and the development and development of the communications security sector, information technology, protection and electronic monit
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In2Networks Ltd
Incorporated in 2012, In2Networks Pty Ltd is an Information and Communications services company, based in New South Wales, Australia. The company provides solutions and support in Australia and the Mi
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